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Surveillance cameras watch people across New York State and America, in big cities and small, on college campuses and in suburban malls. It’s a fact, but it makes me want to stay home. In Norwich, UK, though, they’ve taken it a step further. If the camera lense decides that you don’t appear to be a model citizen, they will YELL at you, just like your Mum.

… the voice of a camera operator will boom out across each park to tell off those causing a nuisance, committing low level crime and anti-social behaviour. Norwich City Councillor Bert Bremner, responsible for community safety and cohesion, said: “It is a really positive thing for the city.”

This begs the question: who decides who gets yelled at? Will The Voice get me if I sing in public? or give a political speech? or preach a sermon? What if my brother started to tickle me, could I yell to the camera to make him stop? The possibilities are endless. What a positive thing for the city.

Concentrated power is not rendered harmless
by the good intentions of those who create it.
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