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Inflation, depression, stag-flation – the economy presents a gloomy picture no matter who’s report you look at. The folks in Washington won’t approve, because complications keep them in business, but I have a simple solution: reduce government spending, which translates into reduced taxes, which gives us more money to buy gas and food.

Given our two-party system, however, this is just about the impossible dream. The Republicans would be glad to cut spending on social programs, while they increase the military budget. The Democrats would be glad to cut military spending, while they increase the social budget. And nobody wants to give up the pork barrel projects that keep them in Washington.

So here’s my solution: Arbitrarily, with no exceptions allowed, every part of the budget gets reduced by 10% this year. Then next year, we repeat the process. After we do this for five or six years in a row, then we can start looking at individual items to see where we can make some serious cuts.

Think it’ll pass?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont know about this. I just read an editorial by a conservative columnist who says the economy is fine, it’s just that liberal press trying to make the Repugnicans look bad in an election year. From a personal perspective, over the past four years (I believe that is one presidential term), my family gross income has stayed about the same, while our cost for health insurance, fuel for the car, and heating oil for the house have gone up by about 7000.00 per year (it’s an estimate, but in the ballpark). That represents over 20% of our family income after income and property taxes. And I believe we were paying some for these things four years ago. I know that the Repugnican idea was that we needed to keep more money with the wealthiest people, who will invest in and stimulate the economy by… maybe hiring a new gardener or something. Well, if the insurance and oil companies are run by the wealthy people (and before these huge increases, they always seemed to be) then I guess we have acomplished that agenda, so the economy must be just ready to burst into a huge windfall for all of us who are contributing piles of our hard earned money. It’s a good thing the big guys are really looking out for all of us, and not just lining their pockets at our expense.
    And as far as your silly idea, come on. Didnt you just hear, the economy is booming. We can spend all we want. And if we run out, we can just borrow more from some of those rich guys – then pay them back with lots of interest so they make even more money – so the economy will boom even morerer. Isnt it all just wonderfullll!!!!!

    The ann on a moose lettuce guy.

  2. akaGaGa says:

    Maybe we should get radical and start a commune.