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… and the home of the hounded. WP today gave me another good reason to never fly again:

The seizure of electronics at U.S. borders has prompted protests from travelers who say they now weigh the risk of traveling with sensitive or personal information on their laptops, cameras or cellphones.

Why don’t they stop all the Newspeak and declare, in the name of the “War on Terrorism,” that the Bill of Rights is null and void? It’ll save us the cost of all those lawsuits.

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is one of the provisions included in the Bill of Rights. The Amendment guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, and was originally designed as a response to the controversial writs of assistance (a type of general search warrant), which were a significant factor behind the American Revolution. Toward that end, the amendment specifies that judicially sanctioned search and arrest warrants must be supported by probable cause and be limited in scope according to specific information supplied by a person (usually a peace officer) who has sworn by it and is therefore accountable to the issuing court.

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