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Each year, federal agents peek at the financial transactions of millions of Americans — without their knowledge. This USA Today article makes me want to dig a hole in the back yard and go back to the days of cash transactions. (I’ve already decided I’m not flying again, unless I absolutely have to, because I don’t want to submit to Sammy or Sally Search.)

This banking thing probably doesn’t affect me personally right now, ’cause, truly? We don’t have enough money to get on their list. But say we did. And say, it becomes not only politically incorrect, but also illegal, to say that homosexuality is a sin in the Bible. Can’t happen, you say? Read this excerpt from WorldNetDaily:

Two Christians in Australia have been indicted for criticizing Islam, and another for criticizing Zionism. A filmmaker has been threatened with arrest for using the word “homosexual” rather than “gay.” Now a German priest faces jail time for publicly criticizing abortionists, and in Holland, “fornicators” and “adulterers” are protected classes and cannot be criticized.

All courtesy of the concept of federal “hate crimes” legislation, which unless defeated soon could be mandatory in the United States, warns a rising chorus of critics.

I believe the day is coming when practicing biblical Christianity will be illegal in the US of A. Are we ready to choose between Jesus and America? Are we ready to stand up for our faith?

Yeah, right …

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