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Sleep is a very precious commodity when you have fibromyalgia, because it reduces pain the next day, so I am a bit miffed that it got interrupted last night. Sometime after 4 am, I was awakened by a very loud roaring noise. Yelling, “Oh, God!” I untangled myself from the blankets and stumbled to the top of the stairs.

I stood there, trying to make sense of the dim light I saw below. Then the dim light in my brain clicked on, and I realized I was looking down at my vacuum cleaner – which was running. As I processed this, the dog came to my side from the other room. Nope, she didn’t do it.

I made my way downstairs, fumbled around a bit, and turned it off. Blessed silence. I went back upstairs. Nope, my husband was still in bed, snoring his way through all this.

As I climbed back into bed and snuggled under the blankets, I wondered, “Who had turned on the vacuum cleaner?” The only options I came up with were a poltergeist or a large rodent, neither one of which deserved my attention at 4 whatever – so I went back to sleep.

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