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Here’s one more on my “List of Reasons Not to Fly.” [Click here for a previous post.] Becky Akers sounds off at FEE on the virtual strip-search machines now installed at JFK, LAX, and Phoenix airports, and she does a very fine job of it. A couple quotes:

Currently, the agency subjects only passengers “selected” for “secondary screening” to a millimeter-wave scan, and then it offers Leviathan’s version of a choice: a screener will either grope them in the traditional pat-down or they can pose for pictures that might earn them big bucks from Playboy … The TSA hopes to eventually scan everyone boarding a plane, not just those unlucky passengers who lose the pat-down lottery.

Just how detailed are the pictures? According to the ACLU, they reveal our private body parts, as well as intimate medical details like colostomy bags. Don’t believe the ACLU? Check out this CNN video on YouTube.

And Becky has another good point. The illustrious TSA promises that no pictures will be stored, so they can’t possibly be sold or posted on the internet. If you believe that, Becky and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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