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Sometimes I feel very old, and reading this article in the Albany Times Union makes this one of those times. The accompanying photo shows a bunch of college students cavorting in the campus fountain, with beach balls and bathing suits everywhere. In my day, we did it in jeans and after dark, so we wouldn’t get caught. Truly. The article says this is a 30-year tradition, but our tradition started about 36 years ago, when we would amuse ourselves by finding suitable fountains to play in.

You may not know this, but the fountain on State St. in Schenectady has (or had) 12 little fountains around the outside, and one taller fountain in the middle. One summer afternoon, we convinced 10 innocent people who just happened to be walking by, including one couple in their 70′s, to climb into the fountain with us and stop up all the little outside fountains so the water would all come out the big center fountain. “It’s shallow,” we said. “Just take off your shoes. You won’t get wet.” So in they came. Well, once we stopped all the little fountains, of course there was a lot more water to come out the big fountain, and we all got soaked. The older couple didn’t mind, but that couple in their 30′s were none too happy.

And the Albany campus caper was in mid-April, right after the fountains were turned on. It was cold. Bone-chilling cold, so we didn’t stay in too long. But what do you do with three teenager girls in sopping wet jeans and sweatshirts, who have to drive an hour to get home? Well, we all had long coats, so we borrowed a rest room at a gas station, and took our clothes off. We figured our coats would be good enough cover to get us home. A problem arose, however, when Carol was walking back to the car. It seems her coat had a slit up the back, that went all the way to her waist. Debbie and I, of course, thought this was hysterical. Carol was not so amused.

So to Carol and Debbie and the big, black guys in Schenectady who would throw the frisbee around with us … those were the days – when fun didn’t have to be offically sanctioned and organized.

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