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Here are the latest mind-numbing figures on the recent natural disasters. (CBS stories here: China and Myanmar/Burma )

Myanmar/Burma cyclone: 62,000-100,000 dead or missing, 2 million needing aid

China earthquake: 12,000 dead, 10,000 still buried, unknown numbers needing aid

Side-by-side with these headlines, CBS tells us that this is the deadliest tornado season in 10 years, with about 100 dead. While I have full sympathy for those affected by the tornados, those storms cannot compare with what is happening in Burma and China. I sometimes wonder how we can be so unaffected by massive tragedies like this. Are Oriental lives less important than American lives?

Please pray that God will open the door wide for aid into Burma. Pray that He will have mercy on all those who survived and need help in both areas. Pray that He will let Christian aid workers into both areas, to spread the desperately-needed hope of Jesus Christ, along with meeting the needs of the body.

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