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Thirty-plus years ago, being a Redsox fan was a badge of courage if you lived in upstate New York. Dangerous Yankee fans were everywhere. The Sox were always the underdog. If a glimmer of hope appeared, the Sox were sure to squash it. And it felt rather virtuous to point at those rich, evil Yankees, who kept “buying” all those World Series rings.

In 2004 everything changed. Coming back from 0-3 to beat the Yankees, sweeping the Cards, breaking the 86-year curse – this was the top of the mountain. And then we did it all over again in 2007.

A kid named Buchholz threw a no-hitter for us last September – and then another kid named Lester did it again on Monday – after beating cancer, I might add, which was baseball’s best feel-good story in a long time.

It’s only May, and once again, we’ve got the best record in baseball. The Yankees are in the cellar, and not showing any signs of life. And last night? We hit not one, but two, grand slams in the same game. You’d think I’d be riding high, and I confess, I’ve made a couple jabs at Yankee fans – but it felt kinda like kicking a dog after he’d been run over by a car. It’s just no fun anymore.

But have you noticed Tampa this year? After finishing at the bottom of the heap two years in a row, they changed their names and their uniforms and they’re playing over .500 ball – only 2 1/2 back of the Redsox, and Joe Maddon is managing. Are the Rays bedeviled no more? Now this could be fun!

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