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Washington, DC
The violence-prone area of Washington, DC, called Trinidad, will now have military-style checkpoints. “Papers, please!” the cops will holler, as they stop your car and demand to know your business. I was trying to think of a good reaction to this, but the Washington Post beat me to it.

“‘Welcome to Baghdad, D.C.,’ said Arthur Spitzer, legal director for the ACLU’s Washington office. ‘I mean, this is craziness. In this country, you don’t have to show identification or explain to the police why you want to travel down a public street.’”

US Airports
According to USA Today, TSA screeners will soon be able to look at the private parts of travelers in 38 different airports. As I sounded off on this last month, I’ll just add this personal note to family & friends: Do not get sick or die, unless you’re within driving distance of upstate New York, ’cause I won’t fly to get there.

St. Paul
If you happen to be opposed to war, don’t hand out any leaflets on the street, or you’ll land in the clinker. According to the Star Tribune, the cops have apologized to the protester, so I guess that makes it all better.

I’m gonna stop now, cause this is getting me seriously depressed.

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