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In part II, I looked at the bare minimum it takes to die as a Christian:

1) Acknowledgment and fear of God
2) Acknowledgment that we deserve to die for our sin
3) Acknowledgment that Jesus died on the cross sinless
4) Calling on Jesus as our Savior and King

Now it gets a little trickier. The criminal on the cross only had to be a Christian for a few hours. Most of us have to figure out how to do it for many years, (even decades!) and I suspect that we need to know more than the above to endure to the end. (Matt 24:13) So Part III will address:

Living as a Christian for More than a Few Hours

I will now brave the realms where people have argued and killed each other for centuries: doctrine. Verily I say unto you, I don’t have a clue where to start. This may be, in part, because of the fibrofog that’s flared up at this time. It may also be because we are getting ready to go camping, and what little brainpower I have is focused on checking batteries and deciding what to have for dinner next Tuesday. It may also be, of course, that I’m really clueless.

But then I had what may in fact be a Holy-Spirit-inspired thought: Why don’t I ask everybody else what they think? Attempting to be obedient to His promptings, here are some questions to ponder. Assuming that we have already gone through 1 – 4 above:

  • What else does everyone need to know to live as a Christian?
  • What should our objective(s) be here on earth?
  • How can we best serve Christ in these mortal bodies?
  • Should we have pork chops or chicken breasts next Tuesday?

Okay, you can skip the last one, but I really am looking for everyone’s input on the other three. The only stipulation is that your responses be based on scripture, not pre-existing church doctrine.

Given the thinking problems I’m having right now, and all the things that need to be done before we leave, I won’t promise to respond immediately, but I will at some point. Thank you for your support.

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