Friday, July 25th, 2008 | Author:

I think I’ve detected a new trend in Washington. Here’s how it works.

1) Do something illegal or negligent that gets people mad enough to take you to court.

2) When the lawsuits start piling up, whine to Congress or a judge that they must grant you immunity for your illegal or negligent activities, and throw out all the lawsuits.

3) Nobody in Washington will be responsible for anything. What a great system!

How did I discover this new system? I read the news reports and put two and two together. Pure genius, I confess.

First, Congress made it illegal to sue the telecoms for violating our privacy … because they were just doing what Bush told them to do. Now, FEMA wants the same “you can’t sue me” ruling over the toxic trailers they gave people after Katrina, because they should be protected from “judicial second-guessing.”

Gee, do you think these guys have been taking lessons from Bush?

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