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Last year Jessica, a shirt-tail relative of a good friend, got sucked into “The House of Yahweh,” a religious cult in Abilene, Texas. My church, along with others, prayed for her over an extended period of time, and she eventually left. Not long after that Bill Hawkins, the leader, was arrested on charges of bigamy.

What little I learned about this cult through Jessica’s stories to her family makes me want to commit acts for which I would be arrested. So I have no fondness for religious cults. But I also have no fondness for witch hunts, which is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now proposing.

His main target appears to be the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an offshoot of the Mormon church headed by the infamous Warren Jeffs. Reid himself is a Mormon [LDS], which is not the mainstream Christianity they profess to be. As Rational Review stated:

Reid is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which knuckled under to the federal government on polygamy more than a century ago via a convenient “revelation from God” to its president. LDS stalwarts have been trying to cover up their own church’s pusillanimity by denouncing its braver offshoots ever since.

So I think we have to question the purity of Reid’s motives. More importantly, we do have a first amendment in this country, that supposedly safeguards the free exercise of religion. No, I don’t think that includes the right to beat or rape your wives or children. However, a line needs to be drawn as to when the government should interfere, and Daniel Fischer’s story as told to the Senate Judiciary Committee, while very sad, is not a reason for the government to interfere.

Fischer recounted his own excommunication for committee members.

“It is a hell of a feeling to all of a sudden discover you’re an orphan at age 50,” said a tearful Fischer. “I had nightmares for a year. I still have nightmares.”

If churches do not have the right to excommunicate members, for whatever reason they choose, then we have government control of religion. If we have government control of religion, then next month, or next year, it will be my religion or yours that is under attack.

Cancel the witch hunt, Reid. The Mormons could be next.

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