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Y’all remember 1984′s Newspeak? It’s the language of government, whereby the meaning of the words they use is directly opposite normal understanding; i.e., if the government says “white” they really mean black, and we’re all supposed to nod our heads in agreement. Well, I think our Department of Homeland Security (which is itself a misnomer) has been spending too much time reading George Orwell.

DHS, a department of the federal government, has created a new database, which will contain, according to the Washington Post, personal information about all drivers in a state’s database – not all criminals, all drivers. If a state refuses to give them the whole database on all their registered drivers, the state has to be prepared to answer their specific requests for information in a nanosecond. The database will link together with information gathered every time you commit the nefarious crime of legally crossing the border, as well as various other federal databases that already exist. Wanna know what they named the new database? Are you ready?

Non-Federal Entity Data System

This couldn’t possibly be a … nah, couldn’t be. Just read the name. It’s NON-federal. It deals with Entities, not people. This can’t be remotely like … well … like the census data IBM helped the Nazi’s get into computers so they could track down the Jews, can it? I mean, this is America. The federal government here could never use information for bad purposes, could they? Our government always has pure motives, right?

Just nod your head in agreement.

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