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When I was a teenager (a long time ago!) I collected a notebook of poems and pictures that appealed to me. I recently came across it, and the sky this morning reminded me of a simple poem that came out of a newspaper. Sorry, I don’t know who to give credit.

If half the world is shadow
half at least is light
and joy comes after sorrow
as day comes after night

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  1. Hercules Mulligan says:

    Hi Jean. This photo is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it and the poem. The words remind me of Psalm 30:5: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

    Whoever wrote the poem in question, can probably give the credit to that verse!

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    God bless you.

  2. akaGaGa says:

    Yowser, Herky, you want to do it for me, too? JUST KIDDING!

    Thanks, I appreciate the links and all the tips. I will follow your instructions to a tee, because, amazingly enough, I understood them!

    After day three with Vista, no printer, and internet wires running all over the house, I’m delighted to see something that makes sense to this technophobe!

    Again, thanks a bunch. Stay tuned for the new “Yeah, Right”