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Thanks to Hercules Mulligan at The Foundation Forum for pointing to this post at The Cause of Liberty. It’s worth reading the whole thing.

After 232 years since declaring her independence, it has become sadly clear that America needs a rebirth, a renaissance of the principles upon which she was founded. While we ardently fight for our rights, we have in large part ignored the duties which correspond to those rights. We continue to expect the blessings of Heaven, while neglecting to live worthy lives …

In the course of human events, it has become necessary for our People to resurrect the Political Bands once established through Divine Inspiration, because we the People failed in our Duties to God and our fellowman, and assumed among the powers of earth rights without understanding corresponding Duties, and have believed that we were entitled to the fruits of another man’s labor, and have ignored the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Now, a decent respect to Those Who Have Gone Before requires that we Repent and repair our failing Union.

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