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At the risk of repeating myself again and again, I can’t just sit back and shut up. Joe Parko says Bush must be stopped before he starts a war with Iran. I say there aren’t enough people in Washington who can see past the next election. James Madison said, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Parko issues this warning:

The instant we attack Iran, oil prices will double, perhaps triple. This price increase will devastate the U.S. economy. The ensuing retaliatory strikes by Iran on Israel, as well as on U.S. military installations in Iraq, will leave hundreds, maybe thousands, dead. The Shiites in the region, from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, will see an attack on Iran as a war against Shiism. They will turn with rage and violence on us and our allies. Hezbollah will renew attacks on northern Israel, while Hamas increases its attacks in southern Israel. And the localized war in Iraq will become a long, messy and protracted regional war that, by the time it is done, will most likely end the American empire and leave in its wake mounds of corpses and smoldering ruins.

Is he wrong? Go read the whole article.

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  1. SirRobert says:

    Hi there come here from “Sharp Iron’…

    Like you I am deeply concerned with the direction my beloved country has gone since that awful day in 2001.

    For all the current occupant’s bluster about Iran, I think even HE has to know that we are in no position to engage in another adventure against a FAR more prepared opponent.

    Cool blog!


  2. akaGaGa says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Robert! (Or should I say “Sir”?)

    Honestly? I don’t think the current occupant CARES what position we’re in. He’s determined to do what his father didn’t – get control of Mideast oil.

    [See previous rants on this subject.]

    I suspect there’s some familial one-up-man-ship motivating him. He knows he’s running out of time, (160 days, if you’re counting) and he never did seem to have much common sense. :)

    Your blog looks interesting, too. I’ll dig around some more … when I finish the laundry.

  3. SirRobert says:

    Perhaps I am giving too much credence to my supposition that He has common sense…