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Once again, Ron Paul has me stunned. He has taken the complicated mess of our US financial system, simplified it, and condensed it into one page on CNN commentary. If you’ve always wanted to know how money works, but couldn’t get through all the elitist terms that get tossed around, this is your chance. Five minutes reading, and you’ll know everything you need to know about our current crisis. Here’s how it starts:

(CNN) — Many Americans today are asking themselves how the economy got to be in such a bad spot.

For years they thought the economy was booming, growth was up, job numbers and productivity were increasing. Yet now we find ourselves in what is shaping up to be one of the most severe economic downturns since the Great Depression.

Unfortunately, the government’s preferred solution to the crisis is the very thing that got us into this mess in the first place: government intervention.

Ever since the 1930s, the federal government has involved itself deeply in housing policy and developed numerous programs to encourage homebuilding and homeownership.

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