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I just got one more of those nice shiny flyers from a politician, this one running for re-election to the NYS assembly. Here’s his opening statement:

He’s standing up to the Albany politicians and special interests and fighting to ease the financial squeeze our families are facing.

Woohoo, sounds good, doesn’t it? So I decided to actually open this one, and I discovered just how he’s gone about achieving his stated goal:

In just one year I have:
  • Voted against $1.1 billion in higher taxes
  • Expanded child health insurance to an additional 400,000 children; and
  • Fought for – and won – over $18 million in aid for our local schools

Voting against taxes – any taxes – is a good thing. Give him a point. [I'll give him the point even though I suspect that his vote didn't accomplish anything. He tried.] But when you add in the next two, it sounds a lot more like socialistic redistribution of wealth than cutting taxes. Subtract two.

Now, politicians are justified in thinking that the average citizen doesn’t understand how Albany works. I would be very surprised to learn that anyone does.

But the vast majority of us do understand budgeting, if on a much smaller scale. Even the least-educated among us knows that 1 +1 -1 still results in a bigger number. This politician who says he’s trying to ease our financial problems actually made them worse by increasing our overall taxes. Do you think if I explained this to him, he’ll lower our taxes next year?

Yeah, right …

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