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The dead and wounded are not the only victims of war. Otentimes the killers are, too. Yesterday, I sent the following in an email to a new online acquaintenance:

Back in the 80′s, I took a weekend off from my kids and went camping by myself in the Adirondacks. The guy who checked me in made an excuse to visit later on. He had recently been discharged from the Green Berets, where he was a sharpshooter. He had been on the advance team that took out the communications when we invaded Granada. He had assassinated various people around the world. He told me story after story, far into the night, and I was frightened – not for myself, I never felt threatened. I was frightened for him, because he didn’t know how to return to a civilian life. He had received no counseling, or whatever the military would call it, when he was discharged. He was a trained killer, and a good one. For weeks after, I had visions of him flipping out, sitting on the side of a mountain picking people off as they drove by. He desperately needed help, and had nowhere to turn, so he dumped it all on me.

One of my concerns is that there are many more just like him out there right now, trying to find a life.

Tonight I read a CNN story that “Fort Carson soldiers returning from deployment in Iraq are suspects in at least five slayings, and officials want to know why.”

Can we really expect anything different? When soldiers are trained in the fine art of killing, and experience first hand the horrors of war, they don’t suddenly forget all that when they come back to the states.

May God have mercy and end our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan before more soldiers come home without their souls.

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