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The Wall Street Journal has posted the text of the President’s latest “reassuring” speech about all the ways federal governments, abroad and especially here, are interfering in the financial markets. In it, he said that “these measures are not intended to take over the free market, but to preserve it.”

I would be scared if I thought he really believed that, but I don’t think even he does – he’s just the salesman in this takeover … um, I mean, transaction. This is just another way to consolidate power in Washington, which is much easier for a few to control than, say, letting people make their own decisions and then either reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences.

My latest financial advisor (well, he would be if I knew who he was) left a comment on the WSJ post as “Gil” at 12:48 PM. He had the president’s whole speech analyzed in just eleven words, and they bear repeating:

We had to bomb the village
in order to save it.

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