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Philip Giraldi has done a nice review on America’s foreign policy over the past few years, starting with Iraq:

In 2001 Iraq was ruled by an unpleasant dictator presiding over a collapsed economy, with a military that was broken and unable to threaten any of its neighbors. There were neither terrorists in Iraq nor weapons of mass destruction, and the country posed no danger to the United States.

He recounts the cost of our invasion – in blood and money and destruction – and then repeats the process for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the “War on Terror.” (I would add the “War on Drugs” to the list, as well.) It’s well worth reading, and it got me thinking.

There’s an apple orchard nearby, and I can hardly wait for them to open each fall. There’s just nothing like a crisp, fresh MacIntosh … except maybe their cider donuts. So sometime in September, I’ll go over to see if they’re open. If they’re not, I leave, because common sense tells me I can’t get a Mac or a donut yet.

So I wonder. When we went to Iraq for weapons of mass destruction and terrorists, and didn’t find any – why didn’t we just leave? And what are we still doing there five years and countless losses later?

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  1. Brad Hart says:

    Ms. Gaga:

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  2. Mrs. Mecomber says:

    Well, that’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it? The reason we don’t leave is because, obviously, the neo-cons haven’t gotten what they want. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what they want, whether it’s oil, to control the Middle East, or to train the military to come back and control US citizens. But I do believe the US is there for a bad reason.