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I was on the phone with my son this afternoon, when I heard a sound I’ve come to dread – crashing metal. A small car and a van had collided at our intersection. Having been through this several times before, I grabbed the portable phone and raced outside. Another man had already called 911 on his cell phone, but didn’t know where he was, so I gave him the location to relay to the dispatcher.

As I directed traffic until the emergency crews arrived, I learned that the woman driving the car was unconscious and her 16-year-old daughter was also injured. The driver of the van, who was uninjured, said he had been blinded by the low afternoon sun. When people far more capable than I arrived, I retreated and eventually thought to get my camera out.

Please pray for the woman who was air-lifted from a nearby field, and for her daughter. Pray for the driver of the van, who was distraught. Thank God for the local first-responders who give their all to help us when we most desperately need them. And pray that I don’t have to hear that sound again.

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4 Responses
  1. Mike says:

    God bless, keep safe, and bring His peace to all who were touched, no matter how much or little, by the accident. Good on ya for acting too…too many people would have stood around and done nothing.


  2. Hercules Mulligan says:

    I’m glad you and your family are safe. I will pray for the involved parties. I too am familiar with that sound. Happens not far from my place every now and then.

    God bless.

  3. threecollie says:

    Oh, dear, oh, dear, that is awful…

  4. akaGaGa says:

    Mike – I don’t have any medical training, but I’m pretty good at keeping other vehicles out of the way. :)

    Thanks, Herky. It is a nasty sound, isn’t it?

    It is awful, 3C. And what’s worse is that none of the local news have picked up on it, so I have no way to find out how they’re doing. Aarrgghh.