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Looking at this picture of our very comfortable, arthritic 10-year-old dog named Sugar, whose favorite place is the middle of our bed, you would never guess the ruckus she can still cause. [You would also never guess that underneath that old sheet she's laying on is a beautiful handmade quilt given to us by my sister-in-law. When we no longer have a dog, I'll actually get to see it once in a while.] But back to the ruckus, and here’s your first clue:

Yes, we have Amish in our area, and they go by our house in their buggies on a fairly regular basis. The thing is, horses do not sound like cars, or even trucks, and Sugar is well aware of this fact. And given that her ears are still keener than mine, sometimes it takes me a minute to catch on to the fact that …. A HORSE IS COMING!!! A HORSE IS COMING!!! all said in ear-piercing doggy language. When this appears …

… the previously dead-to-the-world arthritic dog who can hardly get herself down the stairs, leaps to her feet and morphs into a suddenly young puppy with a very big mouth, running from window to window, telling us in detail about this equine invasion of her territory. [Her territory includes anything within hearing range.]

Dogs. Ya gotta lov’em.

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