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Here’s the Reuters lead:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – Gunmen abducted an Iranian diplomat in Peshawar on Thursday, a day after a U.S. aid worker was shot dead in the city on the front line of an Islamist insurgency sweeping northwest Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan.

Suspicion for the kidnapping will inevitably fall on the Taliban and affiliated Sunni Muslim militant groups such as al Qaeda, who hate Shi’ite Muslims and predominantly Shi’ite Iran almost as much as they hate the West.

Criminal gangs using religion as a cover are also active in the area.

It speaks either of my cynicism, or Washington’s lack of credibility, but my first thought was, “Option #3: special ops assigned to escalate our wars before Bush leaves office.” If you’re even thinking, “No, we wouldn’t do something like that,” go read some more fairy tales.

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  1. Mike says:

    If you’re not going to allow us any moral compass at all, at least credit us with better “creativity” than kidnapping a low-level diplomat…;) I can think of a couple of different scenarios that would be much faster and far more effective a “escalating” things and I’m not even a “pro”…:)

    Okay, sarcasm isn’t my strong suit. Seriously, I’ve never met anyone during my time in the military who would either order, or willingly participate in, such an act.

    I’m not claiming everyone in the military are angels. But neither are all of them amoral drones.


  2. akaGaGa says:

    Well, I have met such a person, Mike. Remember the story I told you about the ex-green beret sniper? He took out more than one person for purely political reasons.

  3. Mike says:

    akagaga: I remember your story. I’ve never asserted that such people aren’t in the militay (or other walks of life); I’ve merely maintained they are NOT the majority.

    You extrapolate from one individual to several hundred thousand. Would it be fair to judge all Christians by the “Sunday” Christian who throws his five bucks in the collection plate on Sunday but is an SOB in all the rest of the aspects of his life the other six days of the week? Or by David Koresh or Jim Jones?

    I think you would say “No” and I would agree with you.

  4. akaGaGa says:

    Mike 11/14: “I’ve never met anyone during my time in the military who would either order, or willingly participate in, such an act.”

    Mike 11/15: “I’ve never asserted that such people aren’t in the militay”

    Which is it? You’re contradicting yourself on the same post.

    But the real point is not how many people in the military do such things. The point is whether the military orders such assassinations – which they did and undoubtedly still do. My sniper was not a rogue – he was following orders.

    Unfortunately, when the leadership of any organization is rotten, the whole organization is presumed rotten. And given the same leadership, over time, the whole organization will be rotten.

    I would apply the same logic to Christians. David Koresh and Jim Jones were not representing Jesus – they were rogues to Jesus. Unfortunately, the people who followed them became “amoral drones” and just did what they were told.

  5. Mike says:

    You are correct to point out what seems to be a contradiction in my positions. However, simply because I haven’t pesonally met them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I do not doubt they do, the gentlemen you’ve met as an example, and certainly those who commited the foul acts at Abu Ghraib as another. My point is, if the large part of our folks in uniform were of questionable moral foundation; probability dictates that I would have had to have run into a least a couple of them over the course over 22+ years. I didn’t, which to me, argues they are the minority.

    Thus, I would respond with the same observation I made in my second comment on this…do the amoral drones, of either Koresh or those in uniform, represent the majorty? Or the minority as I’m asserting?


  6. akaGaGa says:

    I repeat that it doesn’t matter whether they are the minority or the majority.

    I think a better question is: Do the amoral drones, of either Koresh or those in uniform, represent their boss – be it Jesus or military leadership?