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What? You don’t know about this holiday? Well, I didn’t know, either, ’til I read a post at Ogre’s View. You really need to go see this video that explains the whole concept. If you’ve ever complained about politically-correct anything, it’s sure to make you smile. Here’s the caption:

It’s “Tossmas” time again. In his Stoplight® video commentary, Stuart Shepard politely asks retailers to please at least acknowledge the name of the holiday that falls on Dec. 25. Otherwise, their catalogs may meet an unfortunate end.

They even have a list of retailers categorized as:

  • Christmas-friendly
  • Christmas-negligent
  • Christmas-offensive

I think this concept makes perfect sense. If they want us to buy our Christmas presents from them, then they need to sell us Christmas presents – not politically-correct holiday presents.

Merry Tossmas, everybody!

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