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Those of us in upstate New York tend to whine and complain this time of year: gray November, dull November, cold and color-less November. When we’ve had a glorious in-your-face cornucopia of color like we did this past month, it’s even worse.

This very short video is a collection of pictures I took out my back window, from green on October 3rd to bare bones on November 18th.

Beautiful, wasn’t it?

But now I’m going to radically break with local tradition, stop whining, and suggest that God has not left us color-less. It’s not that November is gray and depressing. It’s that we need to slow down and look a little closer. Here’s another collection taken out my side window, between November 17th and November 29th. I’ll have more variety in this one as the winter progresses, but here’s a sampling of the colors of gray November.

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