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Bill Anderson had an interesting post on LewRockwell.com today. I reproduce it here in its entirety.

On Sunday nights, our pastor has been preaching a series of sermons from the first and second books of Kings, which chronicles the decline and ultimate destruction of Old Testament Israel. There is a consistent theme, and that is the fact that both the Northern and the Southern kingdoms rejected the prophets who tried to bring the message of justice and righteousness.

While I hardly am going to liken Ron Paul to Isaiah or claim that the USA is Biblical Israel, nonetheless there is a parallel. Ron Paul for many years has tried to provide an example for Republicans, especially in the years following 9/11. He has called for liberty, for sound money, and for real justice.

What has been the Republican response? They first tried to defeat him by paying people to run against him in primaries. When that did not work, they marginalized him. During the campaign, they made false accusations against him, and they got the “Beltway Libertarians” to further launch attacks on him by claiming he was a racist.

The last straw came during the Republican convention. Whenever Paul delegates stepped to the mikes to make comments, the microphones were shut off and security was summoned to remove them from the premises. Paul delegates were shut out of the platform talks and from every other meaningful discussion.

Instead, the delegates cheered the “country first” mantra, with its wars and economic interventions. Today, we will see the fruits of those poisonous seeds.

You see, the Republicans still claimed the mantle of freedom and free enterprise, but in reality were promoters of the corporate state. Instead of seeing businesses as good things in themselves, they saw businesses as an ATM to be tapped for campaign cash and other “K-Street Project” activities. When Ron Paul and others protested, the Republican leadership stopped their ears. They listened, instead, to “political geniuses” Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, who truly led this party down the road to destruction.

Today, the voters will utterly smash the Republican Party for good. The Democrats will permit a small remnant to remain in order to preserve the facade of “competitive” elections. They will make sure that the few Republicans in Congress have relatively safe seats, and as long as they don’t rattle their cages, they will be permitted to enjoy all of the financial and ceremonial perks of their jobs.

Ron Paul had a message that works. Had the Republicans listened, they would not be facing the massacre they face today. The Republicans had an opportunity, but they rejected it. Today, the voters will reject them.

I would add that just as the Republicans have rejected Ron Paul and the justice and righteousness he represents, so, too, has America rejected God and the justice and righteousness He demands. Can judgment be far behind?

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