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Chris Brunner at has posted a list of all the banks in the United States, ranked by the credit troubles they may be having. The rating system is explained here, but basically if they scored 100 or more, they are in “very serious danger of collapse;” a score of 50 or over means they are “vulnerable.”

A big thanks to Chris for compiling all this information, which the banking industry doesn’t want us to have.

FYI, I am pleased to report that my bank scored a lowly 4 … not that many of their assets have my name on them!

And remember John Allison, the CEO I quoted a while back who had the audacity to throw darts at Paulson’s bailout of “poorly-run banks”? His bank, B,B,&T scored a lowly 5. We already know what happened to Goldman-Sachs, Paulson’s old bank. So who really knows about banking?

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