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It used to be that Johnny would get in trouble for dipping Peggy’s pigtails in the ink well. He’d get walloped at school and sent home, where he’d get walloped again. And yes – Peggy would get a haircut. Even semi-competent adults could handle this situation, but no longer.

Now British schools are installing microphones and cameras in classrooms to catch Johnny in the act. The company marketing this (At 3,000 pounds/classroom) includes government-approved evidence bags, presumably so Peggy’s cut-off pigtails can be preserved for court.

This Orwellian system that runs 24/7 has raised some complaints, one from Martin Johnson, deputy general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers:

We strongly object to schools or colleges having free rein to use CCTV and microphones, especially in sensitive areas such as classrooms, changing rooms and toilets. We expect CCTV be used appropriately and not to spy on staff or pupils.

That’s a bit like expecting my dog not to eat a juicy steak I toss in her dish. I can tell her no, but eventually it’s gonna get eaten.

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