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Occasionally, I get annoyed enough about something going on in Washington that I shoot off some emails to the appropriate people. Then I get even more annoyed when I get a form letter in return. I know this is a wasted effort on my part. I know that my “representatives” haven’t read what I wrote. I know that, at the most, my response has been tallied by some clerical minion and filed away in some obscure location.

But today is a special day. Today I discovered that I have an ear in Washington. Today my sitemeter log listed a visit from …. drumroll, please … THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT!!! (That’s if you want to check your own log.)

Hallelujah! Somebody in Washington is reading what I write! So I am going to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and give them some fiscal advice. Ready? Here it comes.

To fix all our economic woes, dear Treasury Department person, tell your boss to do what Beijing is doing to bolster their economy: cut taxes.

Simple? Yes. Ironic? Absolutely. A communist country is turning to sound, free market principles, while our “democracy” is turning into a state-run, state-owned, citizen-funded oligarchy.

So, run this by Paulsen, will ya? He’s been listening to the wrong people.

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