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Here’s a short clip of Christmas memories we’ve collected over the years. Frosty the Snowman stands guard at the front door, and serves to measure my granddaughter’s growth each year. (He jumped off a shelf and followed me home one day when my kids were little.) The carolers and the tree-top angel are ceramics painted by my mother in the 1960′s. The “Flaming Carousel” almost set the house on fire one year. The Nativity was given to me by my aunt when I was in my twenties. My husband and I made the star on the side of the house a few years ago, and he dutifully gets out the big ladder each year to put it up. And my husband also rescued the audio from our answering machine when my granddaughter was two years old.

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  1. Hercules Mulligan says:

    That’s cute. I like your little snowman. :)

    Have a merry Christmas! Stay warm!


  2. Mrs. Mecomber says:

    Sweet!! Merry Christmas. :)