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I took a little trip over south this afternoon, dodging between snow squalls. The roads weren’t bad, but I had to fight the wind most of the way. I’m not complaining, though. On my way back I caught a shot of the Lifenet helicopter heading out on a call, in the middle of a squall and high winds. Thank God for these first responders that go where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

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  1. Hercules Mulligan says:

    Hi Jean. These are nice photos. And it looks like you’ve changed your blog to the “winter look” — nice!

  2. akaGaGa says:

    Thanks, Herky! I don’t know if it’s a winter look, so much as a little redecorating. I saw what Mrs. M. is doing and I thought, “Why not?” But I just added a fresh coat of paint. It sounds like Mrs. M. gutted the place. :)