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A couple weeks ago, I posted a newsletter from Jewel Grewe about the conditions in Zimbabwe. Here’s an excerpt about the inflation:

To put this into perspective for the Zimbabwean who
receives his wages in Zimbabwe currency, his wages
are required to be paid into his bank account. He is
allowed to withdraw $50,000 per day. The lines of
money withdrawers go around the bank with up to 24
hours of waiting. The $50,000 will buy a loaf of bread
or a ride home on a packed bus. The worker must still
show up at his place of work in order to maintain his

Apparently, the situation has deteriorated. In the midst of a cholera outbreak, which has caused authorities to shut off untreated water supplies, some soldiers had reached their limit. Here’s part of an AP account:

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Police wielding guns and riot sticks skirmished with unarmed soldiers in Zimbabwe’s capital Monday, after frustration over unpaid wages touched off a riot.

Police took away one civilian hit by a bullet.

Trouble began when soldiers attacked money changers and stole cash after being unable to draw their wages at banks. Zimbabwe’s dire financial situation has triggered a cash shortage, making it impossible for people to get access to enough money to survive.

Is this a preview of the new America?

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