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From Slice of Laodicea:

We predicted this years ago, people. Pro-family groups warned that if homosexuals were allowed to marry that every other deviant, wingnut and moral anarchist in town would demand the right to marry whomever or whatever they choose. There is no legitimate legal reason NOT to afford people the right to marry in any number of creative arrangements if men can marry men, and women and marry women. Well, in Canada, the polygamists are now wanting to be legal. If God’s definition of marriage has been thrown out, why in the world not? People will soon be lining up for marriage licenses at city hall with toasters of which they are particularly fond, stuffed animals, pet boa constrictors, hamsters, or their entire bowling team. One thing is for certain—the burgeoning wedding industry will help the Western economy get back on track. The possibilities are endless. “Yes, sir, we do have a veil just the right size for that Indian elephant of yours. Step over here and I’ll show you something charming in ecru lace…”

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