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It seems I’m way behind the times, but I figure I’m not the only one, so here’s a very cool search engine. When you do a search through Scroogle, it goes to Google, and you get a fast, nice clean list of results, without all the ads.

Why bother, you ask? Because, unlike Google, who stores every search you do, just waiting for some government bureaucrat to come looking for it, Scroogle:

  • doesn’t use cookies
  • doesn’t save search terms
  • deletes logs within 48 hours

When you search using Scroogle:

  • Google cannot set a cookie
  • doesn’t see your IP address
  • and cannot tell which searches are from the same person

They have a secure link if you want, and if you click Browser support, Firefox, (which is what I use) there’s a search engine plug-in available. What’s more, Scroogle is an official non-profit.

If you think Google is getting a little too big for its britches – not to mention they’re a little too happy to cooperate with whatever government is around – check out Scroogle!

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