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Warning: The following post is nauseating even for me, so if you’re young or sensitive, don’t read it. I’m posting because I believe Americans need to be aware of how far our government and our “churches” have fallen, lest we all get sucked into the slime.

Maybe it’s the water, but something’s happening in Seattle and it’s not good. A Washington State Court of Appeals has ruled that it’s perfectly acceptable for a school teacher to have sex with his students, as long as they’re 18 years old. Huh?

Maybe it’s the influence of Mark Driscoll, pastor of the popular Mars Hill church in Seattle. He has blatantly decided to feed the worst in people in order to build his own temple. From his book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev: [Thanks to Slice of Laodicea.]

I assumed the students and singles were all pretty horney, so I went out on a limb… Each week I extolled the virtues of marriage, …oral sex, sacred stripping and sex outdoors…This helped us a lot because apparently a pastor using words like penis and oral sex is unusual, and before you could say aluminum pole in the bedroom, attendance began to climb steadily to more than two hundred people a week.

Or maybe we, as Americans, have rejected God and are reaping the consequences.

O my God,
I am ashamed and embarrassed
to lift up my face to You,
my God,
for our iniquities have risen above our heads
and our guilt has grown even to the heavens.

(Ezra 9:6)

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