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Chestnut Tree Cafe has an excellent, albeit delightfully sarcastic, post up about Obama’s trip to Canada today, and the announced topics of discussion. Among them is Canada’s plan to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, while Obama is sending 17,000 more troops in – at the same time he’s changing strategy, with more effort on diplomacy. Hmmm …

Perhaps a little Canadian common sense will be transferred to President Rainbow Brite, but the possibility seems awfully remote. It’s hard to reconcile “more effort on diplomacy” with “17,000 more U.S. troops,” unless “diplomacy” is formally redefined as do what we say or we’ll kill you. Maybe that’s some of the coercive diplomacy that The Hillary seems to get so excited about. Sounds to me as if President Rainbow Brite plans to go on channeling Lyndon Baines Johnson. Great.

With my work done for me, (thanks, Jim!) I present:

Entry #5:

diplomacy = do what we say or we’ll kill you

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