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Do you ever read a news story that leaves you dissatisfied? It gives you some facts or numbers, but the heart of the story is missing. The story of Stanley Baylor is one of those stories for me. Since I posted about his remains being identified, I have questions that won’t leave me alone.

Who was Sgt. Baylor? When he disappeared in 1950, did he leave behind a wife and children? Parents, siblings? Did he have a nickname? What was his favorite food? Did he like dogs? How did his family deal with his absence, with not knowing what happened to him? Is anyone still alive who really knew him?

These are just some of the things that I would like to know, so I’m issuing an appeal to his family.

I would love to write the story of Stanley Baylor. If I’m able at the time, I would like to attend his funeral in August. If you are a member of his family, I would be grateful if you would email me at

If you know someone in the family, please point them to this post.

The story of Sgt. Stanley Baylor needs to be told.

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