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On the other hand, he’s an excellent example of what a Christian is not.

As he gives dozens of interviews to promote his new movie and play the sympathy card about his “complex sexuality,” I can only concur with Dave Welch, who said:

“Haggard seems to be determined to revel in and profit from his immorality.”

In contrast, a Christian who has truly repented flees from his sin.

Grant Haas, who, as a young volunteer, was sexually involved with Haggard, says:

“he’s reopening a lot of old wounds [and] just needs to live life in quiet.” Haggard, however, insists that “[s]eparation and lack of communication never heals broken relationships.”

Broken relationships, Mr. Haggard, can only be healed when the guilty party has truly repented, which you obviously have not. If you’re really concerned about broken relationships, the one you need to work on first is with God Almighty.

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