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Regular readers are aware that I have strongly supported Ron Paul’s bill to make the Fed accountable for the billions of tax dollars they play with – but I think I’m changing my mind.

I think, instead, that I’m going to adopt a new political policy that seems to work well for many Americans. I call it the Primate Party, because it looks like this:

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

The first obvious requirement of membership in this party is that we’re not allowed to talk about anything done in Washington. I believe this must include the Fed, so I won’t tell you that for more than a year, the U.S. Federal Reserve System has been increasingly acting as the world’s central bank, injecting hundreds of billions of dollars into foreign government treasuries in an effort to increase liquidity in those countries. I won’t mention that we, the taxpayers, have also bailed out foreign banks indirectly by pumping billions into American Insurance Group, which announced Sunday that it had forwarded that cash to counterparties that include foreign banks such as Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, Calyon, Credit Suisse, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays.

Nope. I won’t speak of this, and I think HR 1207 should not be supported by the Primate Party.

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7 Responses
  1. laughin says:

    Instead of paying attention to Washington it is required that members know every American Idol contestant.

  2. akaGaGa says:

    I guess that means I need to get a TV.

  3. Jim Wetzel says:

    I was going to comment. But I can’t, because I’m the one on the right in the picture. So:

    Mmmmm! Mmmmm-mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!!!

  4. akaGaGa says:

    Glad to know you’re a member, Jim … but you made me realize that The Party is going to have figure out a way to communicate. Hmmmm …

  5. Cato says:

    Heh heh! I’ll just sit back in the sidelines, like most lazy Americans, and watch you guys make your monkey business.

  6. Hercules Mulligan says:

    LOL. Are you sure this party does not already exist? Well, you’ve given it its official (and most fitting) name! :D Hee hee.

  7. akaGaGa says:

    Cato, I know you better. You’re not a “sidelines” kinda guy. :)

    Herky, I do believe the name was inspired. :)