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Sometimes, when you most feel like screaming or crying … ya’ just gotta laugh. is:

  • running a petition drive – saying no to bailouts, defined as “making us pay for corporate failures that are not our fault”

They explain it all this way:

The Deal

Here’s the deal. A bunch of jet-set corporate executives made bad bets for their companies and lost, big time. Normally, these companies would go bankrupt. This time, our government is taking money from our families to prop up these insolvent companies.
We’re not making this up.

TARP and the bailouts of Bear Stearns and Citigroup are just the tip of the iceberg. So far, our government committed more than $11.6 TRILLION to funding failed companies (that’s over $60,000 per family in America!), and has spent $3.8 trillion of that in just a few months. (Mouse over the circles below to see the details.)
Yeah, it’s really that bad.

What’s worse? It’s not making a difference. The line for bailouts is growing, and includes the telecom industry, airlines, as well as city and state governments.
We’ve got to do something.

Obama talks a tough game about bailouts, but his own stimulus package and his bank bailout proposal hand BILLIONS more of our dollars to failed companies.
Urge the government to DO WHAT’S RIGHT: Stop the bailouts!

Sign the petition and tell a friend now!

The topper is this video, which you simply have to watch. The best part is when they confront Chuck Schumer and he says, “rudeness won’t get you anywhere, guys.” You’ll have to watch it to see what they replied.

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