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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Border Patrol is erecting 16 more video surveillance towers in Michigan and New York to help secure parts of the U.S.-Canadian border, awarding the contract to a company criticized for faulty technology with its so-called “virtual fence” along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

The government awarded the $20 million project to Boeing Co., for the towers designed to assist agents stationed along the 4,000-mile northern stretch. Eleven of the towers are being installed in Detroit and five in Buffalo, N.Y., to help monitor water traffic between Canada and the United States along Lake St. Clair and the Niagara River.

In addressing privacy concerns, Mark Borkowski, executive director of the Secure Border Initiative at Customs and Border Protection, acknowledged that as cameras pan an area it might point at a private residence. He said that is not the cameras’ intended targets and the resolution of the video won’t be clear enough for residents to be concerned about privacy issues. In addition, only law enforcement officials will be operating the cameras.

So the video quality is crap, and “only” cops can spy on citizens. Boy, do I feel better.

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