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Most everybody knows that if you have a lawyer, or have asked for one, the police can’t question you unless your lawyer is present. Obama wants to change all that, and his lawyers are taking it to the Supreme Court.

I guess it’s time for a video refresher on our fifth amendment right not to incriminate ourselves, otherwise known as, DON’T TALK TO THE COPS, especially if you’re innocent.

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  1. Jim Wetzel says:

    That was an interesting news story that you linked. I had a couple of thoughts, as a result. First of all, it isn’t a story that most people are going to be aware of. If a GOP administration has gummint lawyers arguing in favor of restricting the right to NOT respond to the cops’ questions, the media are more likely to be trumpeting what a threat that is; with the Democrats doing it, our “watchdogs” are more likely to look the other way, discreetly and circumspectly: “nothing to see here, folks; move along.”

    I have no idea about (and, I must admit, very little interest in) what Progressive Messiah Obama personally thinks about such matters. I’m willing to assume, for purposes of discussion, that he’s a civil libertarian through and through. The overriding point, I think, is: it doesn’t matter. There’s an enormous Control Machine in DC and in our statehouses, that’s grown up over the decades and now has an autonomous life of its own, and it doesn’t matter who gets elected as its pseudoconstitutional figurehead. The government has an institutional interest in, and desire for, controlling us, “re-educating” us, taking our money, intimidating us, imprisoning us, and making it impossible for us to overthrow them (this latter done a little bit in our gun cabinets but mostly between our ears). And as Obama follows Bush II who followed Clinton who followed Bush I who followed Reagan who followed Carter who followed Ford who followed Nixon who … and on and on, the machine grinds away at its eternal managerial project. I mean, electing Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin or whomever to assume the center-stage position wouldn’t stop the show, I think; maybe a general economic collapse followed by chaos, or just generally something unforeseeable from here might do it.

    All right, I can’t remember where I was going with this; I think that means, by definition, that I’m rambling. It must be time to stop.

  2. akaGaGa says:

    I’ll take your rambles any day over what we get from the “gunmint” and the media regurgitators.

    To your larger point, there’s no doubt that the machine in DC is out of control, and changing the figurehead probably won’t change the hunger for power.

    Then again, if there were enough Ron Paul’s in the House to prevent them from overriding vetoes, it might be fun to watch Paul veto every bill that crossed his desk – especially funding for our bid to control the world, otherwise known as “supporting the troops.”