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The fearmongering continues, as our government tries to turn us all into paranoid spies for the state. Kansas City emergency management created the following video, based on one produced by the Michigan State Police.

I do recognize that terrorists exist, and many of them target Americans. This problem will only get worse with every sovereign nation we invade.

That said, profiling based on perfectly legal actions inverts our system of justice. We are guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent. Instead of a government controlled by the people, we become a people controlled by the government.

My husband’s great-aunt, who is in her nineties, was traveling recently. TSA pulled her out of line for a second look, and she missed her flight. Her crime? She had an alarm clock and some coffee in her luggage. The x-ray machine determined that this must be a bomb, and she was suddenly a potential terrorist.

So you can be as smart as that x-ray machine, study this video and learn the “Seven Signs of Terrorism.” From using binoculars to making notes on a park bench, you’ll be able to help turn dastardly birdwatchers and poets over to the state. You can’t be too careful.

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