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March on Albany
Tuesday, June 16th
at high noon (12 – 3 pm)
in East Capitol Park
at the Empire Plaza, North end

In an attempt to return to common sense government and protect our civil liberties the state-wide organizers of the Tax Day Tea Parties are at it again. On Tuesday, June 16th we are coordinating our efforts and will hold a huge statewide March on Albany from 12:00-3:00pm at East Capitol Park in Albany. Join with us in a protest of out of control spending, taxation and government corruption.


- The website for this event states that signs must not have sticks of any kind, which could be potential weapons. They recommend cardboard tubes, holding signs in your hands, or making sandwich boards to wear.

- Click here for a map of the Plaza

- Click here for parking/transportation information

- Click here to read some commentary

- I found related websites from several locations around the state. This looks to be bigger than the 3,000 or so who showed up on April 15th. (Click here and here for a report and photos of that event.)

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