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If NBC’s critically-important, hard-hitting news stories about Obama’s dog and their video of him killing a fly hasn’t convinced you that mainstream media (MSM) is nothing more than a regurgitating voice for the feds, then ABC’s upcoming program to sell Obama’s health care plan – to be broadcast from the White House – should. (so cozy)

Does anybody remember MSM’s investigative reporting on WMD’s in Iraq, the supposed justification for invading a sovereign nation and killing thousands of people? Of course you don’t, because there was none. MSM obediently parroted what Bush & Company told them. They didn’t present any opposing views, and they didn’t investigate squat.

National news is now defined as anything the President says to a reporter.

I realize I can’t counter ABC’s influence, and even though they won’t present any opposing views to Obama’s health care plan, those views do exist. So if you’re going to hunker down and watch their propaganda, take 8 minutes right now to watch Ron Paul offer some alternate solutions. It just might prevent another war over imaginary WMD’s.

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  1. Jim Wetzel says:

    It is fairly shocking how quickly the journalists more or less explicitly dropped all pretense of an adversary relationship with our supervisors, isn't it?