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I bring these issues up not because I’m a fataphobe like some of the people quoted below, but because there are probably some fat “guidelines” tucked into Obama’s health care reform plan. So fair warning. Here’s what the “experts” are saying:

“Obesity is not just a health issue,” said Richard Carmona, who served as surgeon general in the George W. Bush administration … Obesity “affects our national and global security.”

As I understand the problem, we have too many young men who are too fat for military service. So I guess we need to slim them down before we send them overseas and kill them.

Then there’s the global warming issue, as stated by Phil Edwards, senior statistician at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom.

“Eighteen percent more food energy is required in many populations where there is a large prevalence of obesity,” he said, citing a 460-calorie increase in daily food intake for an obese individual. “There is a clear impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in order to grow that food.”

Yowzer. Fat people are killing the planet, just like cows do? Who knew? If you don’t feel guilty enough yet, though, remember that Mississippi GOP Rep. W. T. Mayhall Jr introduced a bill that would make it illegal for restaurants to feed fat people.

Personally, I think this is all very unfair and prejudiced. Do you suppose it comes from skinny fashion models who probably freeze all winter? Whatever the source, there’s one really big advantage to being fat that will probably come in handy in the days ahead – and it’s already printed on T-shirts – that you can get in size 6X.

Now excuse me. I need to get a bowl of ice cream.

With nuts and whipped cream.

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3 Responses
  1. threecollie says:

    My mind is perpetually boggled by what is coming out of Washington and Albany. I feel more and more like an endangered species every day.
    And thanks for the link.

  2. Jim Wetzel says:

    No doubt about it, obesity's an increaser of health-care demand, and therefore cost; to the extent that the provision of such care is collectivized, each person's diet really is the gummint's business. But why stop there? Other cost-increasers include smoking, drinking (alcohol), homosexuality (male homosexuality, at least), sexual promiscuity in general, fast cars, dangerous sports … the list is already long, and I've just started. I wonder if one part, at least, of the Obummer base constituency is going to be amused when the bathhouses are closed down to save health-care costs?

    Ah, that soft fluttering sound of chickens, coming home to roost. Nice.

  3. Cato says:

    Well, now that Ted Kennedy is dead, I suppose the Congress feels it's safe to consider such a law…