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You’d think this would take the pressure off the fat people … but they’ll probably be banned next, right before the Statue of Liberty.

Note that in this “New York Health News” report, they list the following “related” slideshows:

  • Celebrities in Playboy
  • Openly Gay Celebrities
  • More Openly Gay Celebrities
  • and Jennifer Aniston, half naked on the cover of GQ

So excuse me. I need to go wash my eyes out with soap.

New York City’s famous parks may be going smoke-free. The city’s health commissioner says the next goal in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-tobacco crusade is to ban smoking at city parks and beaches.

New York City has more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities. The Parks Department is also in charge of 14 miles of beaches.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley says New Yorkers shouldn’t have to breathe second-hand smoke, even outside. He says children shouldn’t even have to see people smoking.

Bloomberg faced a tough political battle when he banned smoking in restaurants and bars in 2002.

Bloomberg introduced Farley as new commissioner in May. He took over on June 8 for Thomas Frieden, who was named last week by President Obama to helm the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

“I’m honored to be entrusted with the best public health agency in the country,” said Farley, who spent a year in New York in 2007 working as a senior advisor to Frieden as the Department rolled out new policies on posting calories in restaurants.

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