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We had a lovely camping reunion with my hubby’s family. The nights were especially lovely, ’cause hubby put a tarp over the top of our pop-up to help keep the heat in. I didn’t even care that it got below freezing.

This next one is for Renee and family. Did you notice the party lights along the edge of our awning? Here’s a close-up. (And tell your Dad that I was a Redsox fan long before I met my Massachusetts-born husband. I remember the ’86 World Series, and it was Bob Stanley’s fault, not Billy Buckner’s!)

And here’s Sugar the dog after a two-and-a-half hour hike. She’s twelve now, and we’re still trying to convince her she can’t do it like she used to.

And, yes, we took the itty-bitty-kitties who now have official names: the orange boy is Pumpkin Spice, the black boy is Peanut, and the tricolor girl is Princessa. (We considered Peter, Paul, and Mary, but we couldn’t agree on which one should be Peter – and then we got over-ruled by my granddaughter.)

And the poor babies didn’t get their lunch until we could pry them away from the three twenty-something nephews. Those big, tough guys were putty in the kitties’ paws.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I still say it was McNamara, the manager. Sox lead 3-2 after the seventh, and Clemens is due up first in the eighth. So, OK, Roger was a little ragged in the seventh, but might have gotten back in the groove in the eighth. No one on, no outs, and Mike Greenwell goes in to pinch hit and try for an insurance run. He gets out. Roger could have done that, and now bringing the ace back to the mound is not an option. Calvin Schiraldi allows the Mets to tie it up in the bottom of the inning. If Roger had made it through one more inning, Bob Stanley might not have taken the mound with two outs and men on base in the tenth.
    - hubby

  2. Renee says:

    Aw, thanks for the pictures of the cute Red Sox lights! I'll be sure to show my dad! :)

    I love the kitty names! Especially Pumpkin Spice!
    I used to have a Parrotlet named Peanut. He was about 2 inches tall. I wasn't sure what to name him, so I called him Pumpkin… (a little green unripe one) but then a friend "birdsat" him and started calling him Peanut. I liked Peanut better, so the name stuck!

  3. The Other Alice says:

    HA HA! Those lights are hilarious! Glad you loved your camping trip, and congratulations on naming your itty-bitty kitties!

    BTW, I also know a dog named Sugar. She had a litter of puppies, two of them smaller than usual. One of them stands on his hind legs, throws his head back, and "sings." Hence, the name Mozart.

  4. akaGaGa says:

    @my hubby We've had this disagreement before. Let's not repeat it in public. :)

    @Renee Well, we must have chosen good names – you used 2 out of 3 on your itty-bitty bird!

    @Alice I would love to see Mozart in action! Sugar sings too sometimes – when she wants to really bark and she knows she'll get scolded. :)

  5. Jay says:

    I used to be a Red Sox fan, since my dad is from MA. But recently I decided that since I was born in NY, I should root for the Yankees. (However, I much prefer Football to any other sport.) Those are really adorable lights! Glad you guys had fun!

  6. Breezey375 says:

    I admit I like it when the Sox beat the Yanks.. You see my little brother is a Yankees fan..

    As far as the twenty something nephews being putty for the kittens.. Can you really blame them? Those are adorable kittens…

  7. Renee says:

    I just showed my dad…

    He said he agrees 100%. His comments: "It wasn't Buckner's fault. It was McNamara's fault. They should have taken Buckner out since his legs were bothering him. Oh well, lesson learned. We heard they made Buckner move out of Massachusetts. Too bad!"

    And I haven't a clue what this is all about… I sure wasn't watching baseball in 1986!

  8. akaGaGa says:

    @Jay – Well, better football than the Yankees! :) And thanks. We had a nice long weekend.

    @Breezey – Of course you want your little brother's team to lose. It's genetic. :) Glad you like my kitties. Do you miss all the critters way up there in cold, cold Potsdam?

    @Renee – Tell your Dad Buckner moved to the West Coast! But he did come back (finally!) for a visit a year or two ago, and got a standing ovation. And you don't have to understand. Some things are just between us old folks. :)

  9. Breezey375 says:

    Do I miss the critters? Oh God yes! I spent hours tormenting our poor cat while I was home over break. I actually enjoyed milking the cows!

  10. akaGaGa says:

    Ah, poor Breezey! The price you have to pay to get that degree. If you can't sneak a cat into the dorm, just keep watching my blog. I'm sure the videos will keep rolling. :)

  11. Breezey375 says:

    Yeah it is indeed. I just keep telling myself if I get the stupid piece of paper I can eventually have my own house and as many kitties as I can afford litter and kitty chow for!
    As for watching the blog, of course!!!